What am I working on?

Video Mapping

A part of me has always been interested in video and images.
Another part of me is a bit of an anarchist.
This combined got me really interested by the recent developments in guerilla projection and videomapping.
Some really great projects have been done all over the world, liberating video from it's square borders.
With 2 colleague videoists we decided to get together and do some tests.
After some tweaking and testing we got something going on and now we have a good basic idea to develop more on.

Embedded computing

When I was in art-school I did an installion with some Super-8 movie projectors, a laserpointer and a computer controlling some stuff.
The computer was switching the specific projectors on and off with a self made rs-232 relais interface.
The system did exactly wat it was designed for, but I want to go further.
At the moment I use a lot of my spare time studying the technologies of embedded computers.
I'm especially attracted to the Arduino (and Processing) platform and the Beagleboard.
Besides this I'm also studying different mobile platform like iOs, LiMo and Android.
The mobile and embedded world is the wild-west of the computer industry and it's not easy finding a place to start.