Being creative in breaking barriers and creating solutions.

Noto Yota Multimedialab is a dutch freelancer ("ZZP-er") specialised in creating creative solutions for the entertainment and multimedia-industry.

You can hire me to be your sound engineer, light operator or stage hand.
You can hire me to design your artwork, create your website or be your VJ.
But it gets really interesting when the disciplines start to blend.

It's all about the (inter)action and the reaction.

You want your lights to respond to the amount of drinks being poured in your venue?
You want your wall to change color everytime your website is visited?
You want your soundvolume turned lower everytime a policecar passes by?
Just a few examples of things I have never done but undoubtfully are possible when you want it.

You want something done, but don't know where to start.
There is no existing solution for your wishes, it is too expensive or hard to find.
When you want everything to be connected to everything Noto Yota Multimedialab is the name to go to.