What's going on?

15-June-2010 Website almost finished

My all new website is online!
Of course there is still a lot to do and improve, but the essentials are there.
With this website I also took the liberty to experiment with some nice CSS3 features.
CSS3 offers nice rounded corners, transparency and shadow effects besides ofcourse the regular stuff already in the previous CSS standards.
Due to the fact that the CSS3 specification is not yet finished and not at all completely implemented by all browsers, you might experience some strange behaviour.
Normally I won't settle for less than pixel-perfect positioning and functionality in all browsers and on all platforms.
But since this site is for myself and the new features are so interesting, I couldn't resist using them.
Unfortunately the large group of Internet Explorer users out there will suffer the most for now.

26-May-2010 Back in the freelance business

After having a year-and-a-half break from my freelancing business I am back and better than ever!
January 2009 I got a job as chief technician at pop-, theater and cinema venue Gigant in my home town Apeldoorn.
I already had about ten years experience in this venue as a volunteer, but now I had the chance to really call it MY place.
While my great colleague Peter ran the theater, my spot was the (pop)concert venue.
I had a lot of fun working there, but now I have to move on.
So here I am: back in the freelancing world!
More experience and knowledge...
Strongly motivated for new interesting projects...
Eager to learn more and experiment...